About North Runcton Parish

General Information:

The parish of North Runcton is situated directly south-east of the town of King’s Lynn and also adjoins the parishes of West Winch to the west and south and Middleton to the east.

North Runcton is a mainly rural parish, approximately 6km in area, with two principal areas of settlement.  To the east is the main village of North Runcton (centred on New Road, Rectory Lane and Common Lane), and to the west there is linear development along the A10. Many people do not realise that the Hardwick roundabout and part of the Hardwick industrial estate also lie within North Runcton (Click here to see map of the Parish).

North Runcton is a warded Parish – divided into North Runcton ward and Hardwick ward.  Six Parish Councillors are nominated to represent North Runcton ward and three Councillors to Hardwick ward.

Future development plans for the Parish
In 2011 the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk adopted a Core Strategy identifying North Runcton and West Winch for extensive urban expansion. In 2016 they adopted the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plan (SADMP), which further develops proposals for 1600 new dwellings in the period up to 2026 (likely to be mainly built within North Runcton), and up to 3500 new dwellings in the longer term. The proposals also include a ‘relief road’ between the A10 and A47.

In 2017 North Runcton and West Winch Parish Councils successfully completed preparation and adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan, covering both parishes. This plan includes policies aimed at shaping and mitigating the impacts of the proposed urban expansion. You can read more about the North Runcton and West Neighbourhood Plan elsewhere on this website.


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