Other Supporting NP documents

The following documents were prepared as part of the supporting evidence for the North Runcton and West Winch Neighbourhood Plan and were submitted to the Borough Council for the examination in 2017. They remain relevant and developers and residents may wish to refer to them in future when considering future plans for the area.

We particularly hope that the 2014 Surface Water Management Study will be read and carefully considered by design teams. This report was commissioned by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to help inform future drainage planning in both parishes. Our parishes have historically had many local flooding problems – and it is essential that all future drainage infrastructure is robust, sustainable and properly managed.

Supporting Document – Sites of Value

North Runcton and West Winch Surface Water Management Study (2014) Mid-Level Commissioners for the East of Ouse, Polver and Nar Internal Drainage Boards

North Runcton and West Winch Surface Water Management Study (2014) Drawings

Consultation Document Part 1

Consultation Document Part 2

2017 Examination Stages

Examiners Final Report can be viewed here
Responses to questions from the Examiner can be viewed here
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