Dog Etiquette

Dog ‘Etiquette’ for North Runcton

One of the most frequent matters raised at Parish Council meetings is complaints about dog fouling. A few irresponsible dog owners appear to think it is acceptable to not clear up after their animals – or worse they do clear it up and then throw the whole package in a bush – creating a litter problem as well.

Not only is dog mess horrible to step in – it also potentially spreads disease to other animals and humans. Toxocariasis, a disease which can lead to blindness in humans, is said to be becoming more common in Europe and is generally contracted by contact with dog, cat or fox faeces.

A special problem in North Runcton is dog fouling on the common land. These are grazing commons. Cattle on the common go into our food chain! Neosporosis is a disease carried by dogs that can cause pregnant cattle to abort. Other diseases and parasites can be spread between species.

Other issues have previously been reported regarding dogs off leads and out of control – chasing livestock and wildlife and running through standing crops.

The Parish Council have now provided four dog bins within the Parish – See the following maps – Hardwick, North Runcton Village .  However bins are expensive to buy, there is an ongoing cost of emptying them – four bins in a Parish as small as North Runcton is a very high ‘percentage’ compared to larger communities.

Many people feel we shouldn’t need to provide dog bins with public funds at all. If you own a dog – clean up responsibly! The Parish Council promote the following ‘dog etiquette’ in the village.

1. Always take bags (preferably biodegradable ones) when taking your dog out – and always clean up!

2. Use the bins or dispose of dog mess responsibly at home.

3. Always have your dog under control – and if your dog is difficult to control under any circumstances – keep it on a lead.

4. Never let your dog off the lead on the commons when stock are out.

Many people love dogs and enjoy owning them – but dog owners – please remember that many people don’t own dogs and may even be apprehensive of them. Please consider other people!

Thank you

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